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Onsite Training That Works!

Because your goals, your organization and your people are unique, we bring our distinctive and fully customizable training to you.

Career Concepts expert facilitators take the time to understand your goals, challenges and company culture in preparing to deliver an interactive and effective training session. On the day of training you can expect the values and principles of your organization to be supported while your staff have fun learning, enhancing current skill-sets and overcoming old habits, transforming them into a productive, confident and current professional.

Do you want to Adapt, Customize or Create your next onsite training?

Adapt one of our current foundation or advanced programs to fit your existing needs.

Customize your training day with a pairing of multiple foundation or advanced programs to cover multiple topics and skill sets.

Create a unique program that is specific to your culture, budget and desired outcomes.

All three options are designed to give you a return on your investment with measurable results and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What can you expect when Career Concepts delivers your onsite training?

Prior to Training

  • A needs analysis completed by our onsite specialists team to understand your current learning objectives, organizational goals and challenges.
  • A telephone consultation with your expert facilitator, chosen especially for you based on your completed needs analysis.

Classroom Experience Expectations

  • Pre-Event Assignments (optional)
  • Case Studies and Self-Assessments
  • Self-reflection, independent and group activities
  • A comfortable environment that encourages discussion and sharing
  • Interactivity, adults learn and retain information easier with a fun hands-on approach
  • Relevancy, specific ways they can incorporate the tools and techniques immediately
  • An action plan to integrate learned processes and systems into their work life
  • Accountability and action
  • Work from a professional resource manual that becomes a personal reference guide moving forward

What to Expect after the Training

  • Follow Up Email: Detailed synopsis of the training day including takeaways that have been communicated.
  • Recommendation of communication strategy and a professional development plan that ensures implementation and reinforcement of learned skills.
  • All evaluation forms completed by participants are delivered electronically for review of personal takeaways, level of satisfaction and their next steps.

Group Sizes

Pricing available for the following group sizes:

  • Group Size up to 5 participants
  • Group Size from 6 – 10 participants
  • Group Size from 11 – 25 participants
  • Group Size from 26-50 participants
  • Conferences and Retreats

Typical Instruction Times

  • Full Day Programs (4-6 hours of instruction)
  • Half Day Programs (2-3 hours of instruction)
  • Lunch 'n Learn Programs (1 hour of instruction)

*Multi-day sessions and annual development plan discounts are available.

Call our training specialists for more information and get started today

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Examples of Learning Objectives

  • Assertive Communication Strategies and Effective Listening Skills
  • Managing Change through Motivation
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Setting Expectations and Communicating Realistic Timelines with Optimism
  • Becoming an Influential and Authentic Leader
  • Delegation and Problem Solving Skills
  • Team Collaboration
  • Effective Communications: Personalities, Negotiations and Non-Verbal
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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