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Very Knowledgeable Instructor

Jim A, Nova Scotia

Great Instructor, Very engaging, sincere, great experience sharing and great sense of humor!
Jane B. Nova Scotia

Excellent facilitator, lots of examples & relevant information
Janice J, Nova Scotia

Sherry is am amazing speaker. I have taken seminars from her before and will again.
She is very knowledgeable and informative of all issues that arise in the daily seminar

Crystal G, Nova Scotia

Sherry was a great facilitator, Very energetic and engaging
Lona B, Nova Scotia

Sherry was as excellent facilitator, Her experience and example were very relevant. Her delivery was enjoyable and engaging
Kevin S, Nova Scotia

Sherry was an interesting & engaging seminar leader - made the day fly by. Great take-aways, resources & tools
Debra S. NB

I believe Sherry was the best presenter I have ever had. I will look for future seminars hosted by her to enroll in
Michelle G, ON

Sherry was excellent. I always learn more with stories & relevant example. This will Stick. Thank You
Cara B, AB

Recently attended Dale Carnegie and truthfully, was disappointing. Having retained that
"bad taste" I anticipated much of the same here. I was please to have been proven
otherwise as this seminar was an absolute delight - Thank you Sherry

Angela F, NB

Instructor has a wealth of knowledge not only about Project Mgmt, but also business
practices & communication & human behavior. Strong Content, Personable & dedicated instructor.

Allan C, ON

Presentation was very dynamic
Marc T, ON

Met beyond my expectations, was expecting more :cut and dry" but was much more
involved and helpful with managing people as well as projects

Kristen H, ON

Very knowledgeable and interesting. Very good at keeping your attention and making it relevant
Susan M, NB

She is funny, insightful and clearly she loves what she does.
Racheal M, ON

Sherry was amazing! Extremely Knowledgeable / Felt the entire day moving and interesting
Laura F, ON

Leader very informative easy to follow and fun. Content helped to perform duties
Kim C ON

The effectiveness of the instructor and spontaneity exceeded my expectations. It was a stress free environment

Flora M, ON

The examples helped to keep things relevant and bring them home for me
Kerry J, ON

Sherry is a very good communicator and also knowledgeable. A lot of "in the trenches" examples
Mark T, ON

Seminar Leader was great! Sherry made it fun & interesting, making a lot of the topics
relatable to our daily lives

Kerry H, ON

Today more than met my expectations. I am leaving with a great deal of knowledge
that I can't wait to explore in the workplace!

Dawn S, ON

Sherry is involved, knowledgeable, funny and excellent presenter
Cindy H, ON

Seminar leader was amazing! Very involved with the attendees, Really knows her stuff.
Kristina B, ON

Sherry gave some very practical examples that opened my eyes to being able to examine myself

Kasey H, ON

The seminar leader was great!! Sherry was very personable and shared her experiences
and knowledge with the group in a way that put everybody at ease. I would take any
seminar that she is leading!

Dean P, ON

Sherry kept my interest the entire day very knowledgeable and energetic passionate
about the topic

Gillian S, ON

Sherry is super insightful and very knowledgeable. I was happy to see that she was
the facilitator today as she really engages the audience and makes the day pass quickly.

Katalin B, ON

Sherry is excellent at delivering the concepts and providing relevant examples
Tanya T, ON

Great seminar, can't wait to begin using the tools I've learned today, Thanks
Donna B, ON