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Break Free from Your Everyday Stresses

When was the last time you can remember having a day, free of being care and stress-free, the last moment & time you took just for you? For most of us, it happens in a glimpse of an eye and the moment passes quickly. Let us offer some magic on how to transform your days into an amazing day!

First though, let’s consider the things that interfere with our Goose Frappa. Is it family, work, finance, time, focus, diet, news & politics, etc? We are organic beings and our brains are wired with an immense amount of our neurons that trigger either positive/ negative feelings, emotions, and reactions. For many, it may feel we are alone on our stressful journey.

Quick secret, shhhh ….. – there are even good stresses – imagine winning the lottery, getting married to the love of your life, or finding your dream career. Here is a mind boom blast for you – all these awesome stresses - trigger the same neurons that negative stresses do. It truly is about how we handle them and where we redirect our energy.

So let us offer the Opening Scene of our magic show – Ta-Da!

The Trustworthy Sounding Board – a.k.a - A Good Friend.

This is someone in your life that no matter how the world feels like crushing walls of doom – you can call upon to listen to you - we call it a 10-minute “freak out”. Oh, but here is the smoke behind the scenes – they listen and then, they don’t offer empty sympathy – your “Good Friend”, understands with empathy, they guide you through with positive solutions and find a way to make you giggle/ laugh.

Scene Two– Tools of the trade

Let’s not be cliché and say something like – “Just relax” or “Breathe” – although we must say breathing really helps feed our brain with oxygen – wink wink.

How about considering a mental model of nailing down the stresses in your life. Some of our clients like to write them down through journaling, some it is voice notes, or creating a web of lists. Pick the spice of your stressed life.

Once you have your decision-making recipe – find three solutions to overcome every stress listed. For example, if it’s financial; solutions could be, find a trusted advisor, design a budget, and hobby that pays, or if it’s news & politics; solutions could simply be limiting news feeds, reducing social media time, and focusing on people directly around you.

Now onto additional magical tools – Find a method where you can push negative energy out of your body. A simple one – stand up and move. Other ways that have been shared with and practiced by us – listen to your favourite band, read a book that excites you, make your most delicious meal, exercise, or HOW ABOUT … GET READY – TRY something new every day – as simple, as trying a different way of dancing, a new recipe, or a different way to let someone you care about them.

Final Scene – The Prestige

This is no secret and the most beautiful aspect of stress – WE HAVE THE CONTROL. When we put our bodies and minds into motion, accomplish a task to overcome negative emotions - we become superheroes in life.

The Prestige ……. Please take every day to look in the mirror, listen to your voice, and know you are amazing. Laugh a little more, dance a little more, smile at the ones you love, know you are a beautiful creature on this earth and NO NEGATIVE STRESS DESERVES YOUR TIME – and now as a Magician, you have the power to redirect all energy on the optimism life has to offer.

*MAGIC WAND SWOOP* - action scene ………. “What is your first step 😉”

Excerpts taking from Career Concepts "Managing Your Emotions" and "Stress Management" Workshops

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