But I'm So Nervous

Fear is a natural emotion that we all face. Those who succeed are not people who do not let fear control them. They are ones who learn the trick of ‘feeling the fear, and doing it anyway’, according to motivational speaker and writer Jack Canfield. You cannot allow your fear to do the driving. Approach your fear as if it were a small child and acknowledge that what you are doing is a bit frightening. Then advise your fear that you intend to ‘go for it’ anyway.

Meeting people can be anxiety-provoking. The need to impress another person can be a lot of pressure.

Here are some ways to minimize nervousness while in a social situation:

1. Be informed.

If possible, take time to research the people you’re going to meet: their work, values, and preferences. Knowing ahead what is expected from you can prepare adequately. Nervousness is amplified by going to a situation blind.

2. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Networking is a skill, which means that you can develop it with practice.

Practice your introduction in front of a mirror and note what you need to improve.

You can also practice with peers. Get feedback from others about the kind of impression you give.

And try to meet as many people as you can! The more you do it, the easier it gets!

3. Learn relaxation techniques.

There are many activities that can help relax a nervous person. These activities include

  • Meditation

  • Self-talk

  • Visualization

  • Breathing exercises

  • Listening to music

4. Identify your triggers.

If nervousness is a real problem for you, it is recommended that you identify what triggers your nervousness. Is it a lack of confidence? Is it fear of authoritative people? Awareness can help you catch yourself in time and respond accordingly

5. Believe in what you have to offer!

It’s easy to get intimidated by how successful or famous the other person is. But remember, they’re people— just like you! They would be willing to listen to someone who can offer them something that they want or need. Have faith in your business. Have faith in your worth. Adopt the mindset that you are doing them a service, and you must not let them miss the opportunity of meeting you!

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