Training Course Description:


Customers do not expect you to be perfect; they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. Experts say that more than 50% of customers will discontinue doing business with a company not because of price or quality, but because of negative experiences in dealing with the human side of doing business. Satisfying customers’ needs is an important objective of any organization irrespective of whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit. Creating customer loyalty where consumers can rely on the brand requires strong customer care, especially in today’s world where product reviews, company ratings, and social selling is at the tip of everyone’s fingers.


Career Concepts' Advanced Customer Care workshop assumes that you already have some experience in customer service and you are now looking to expand your knowledge and skill set. You will spend the day exploring tips, techniques, and strategies to differentiate your organization from the competition and create a buzz about your product and services through exceptional customer care.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Increase Customer Loyalty By Developing The Right Attitude Towards Customer Care
  • Identify What Goes Wrong And Makes Poor Customer Service
  • Strategies To Understand And Respond To Customers’ Expectations Without Going Against Company Policy
  • How To Have Difficult Conversation While Remaining Respectful And Attentive
  • Avoid Toxic Phrases That Lead To Confrontation With Customers
  • Manage Angry Customers By Using 8 Practical Methods To Defuse And Relieve Frustrations
  • Handle Complaints With Professionalism And Confidence
  • Minimize Negativity And Increase Customer Retention
  • Provide Excellent Customer Care Online, In Person, On The Telephone And In Writing


You Will Learn:



  • Investigate And Summarize The Root Cause Of Customer Issues
  • Know When To Escalate, Transfer Or Close A Customer Issue
  • Determine Potential Service Options By Using The Customer Information And Case History
  • Understand Techniques To Rebuild Customer Relationships
  • Measure And Evaluate Your Customer Service Level
  • Follow-Up And Resolve Customer Issues Promptly
  • Identify Problem Resolution Techniques And Resources
  • Identify Common Causes Of Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Manage Customers’ Expectations
  • Explore The Challenges To Providing Outstanding Customer Service
  • Set, Monitor, And Influence Your Customers’ Expectations
  • Take Care Of You – Stress Management
  • Use Effective And Appropriate Language To Keep Yourself And The Customer Happy
  • How To Conduct Customer Service Face-To-Face, Online, In Writing, And Over The Telephone
  • How To Use Pre-Emptive Strategies To Minimize Customer Complaints

Workshop Outline:


Section One:

  • Customer Service Skills Self-Assessment
  • Customer Focus
  • Self-Awareness
  • Personal Characteristic
  • Customer Service Challenges


Section Two:


  • Emotional Control
  • The Art of Conversation
  • Basic Negotiation Techniques


Section Three:

  • The Consensus Process – Getting an Agreement
  • Communicate, Problem Solve, Collaboration
  • Overcoming the “No” and Getting to “Yes”


Section Four:

  • Irrational, Irritated and Demanding Customer
  • Conflict and Responses
  • Toxic Words
  • Handling Online Customer Complaints

Advanced Customer Care

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Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Individuals who work with the general public
    • Those who work with trades and suppliers
    • Customer service representatives
    • Sales professionals
    • Customer Service and Sales Supervisors and Managers
    • People in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
    • Real estate, Financial and Insurance Agents
    • Everyone responsible for the reputation of the business
    • Anyone who already has experience in customer service and would like to take customer care to the next level
  • “I learned a lot about dealing with different types of people. I will be able to respond to customers better. It was great! I loved the stories that were shared.” - Shawn , Waterloo.

    “This seminar reached me on a personal level as well as professional, helping me understand others. This seminar is incredibly uplifting and inspirational to those who have dealt with difficult clients or had to have more tools on how to be assertive. Amazing experience overall!” - Pam Y. - North York

    “Useful and practical. [The information] can be applied to day-to-day interactions with clients, coworkers, and even in personal life. The seminar will help to improve customer services and possible coworker conflicts. Great training, resources very useful. Awesome facilitator. Thank you!” - Jie, North York

    “ [My organization] will be able to provide more effective customer service. Crisis management and de-escalation will become easier.” - Lubna Y., North York

    “A very resourceful training session. Enhanced my customer service skills. Excellent facilitator. Resources provided are very helpful.” - Laxmy N., North York

    “A lot of different skills on how to deal with customers. It will help me bring better customer service to the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The facilitator was well organized, knowledgeable and very nice.” - Lora J., Ajax


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