This power-packed 2-Day workshop will give you solid skills to help maximize your role as a supervisor, plus fresh ideas to motivate you and your team.


By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Communicate with tact, diplomacy, and clarity to your staff and managers
  • Increase your confidence in supervising and decision making
  • Decrease time and effort spent solving people problems
  • Give criticism that motivates your employees - not bitterness
  • Handle performance issues quickly and professionally
  • Understand your natural leadership style and how to use it
  • Improve relationships with your employees and foster a better attitude toward management
  • Enhance communication and teamwork
  • Increase your ability to adapt and cope with changing environments
  • Motivate others by creating a positive and energized workplace
  • Manage conflict, risk and become a master problem solver
  • Delegate with purpose and get the results you are looking for every time
  • Organize people, projects, and schedules
  • Discipline consistently promoting change
  • Supervise people who were peers, different generation and experience levels with confidence


Training Course Description:


What does it take to become an effective supervisor? Is there a difference between leadership and management skills? Do you know what the difference between tactical and strategically planned leadership is? What is your natural leadership style and what does that say about you?


The answers to these questions and so much more are covered in this two day fast-paced, intense seminar. This program offers effective skills and practical solutions to become a successful supervisor in today’s world.


Effective supervisors have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviours that set them apart from others. Successful supervisors inspire and motivate people. They can communicate goals and tasks to those around them. And they know how to manage people.


You won't be the only one who enjoys the benefits of your enhanced supervisory skills. Everyone at your organization will benefit — your supervisor, your team, and everyone else who profits from the stronger leadership improved productivity, and fresh insight you'll bring to the workplace after attending this workshop.


In Career Concepts' 2-Day Basic Supervision workshop you will update your current skill set, learn the latest strategies and leading-edge techniques in becoming the best supervisor you can be in today’s demanding world. You will learn how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, and inspire people. You will build on your current skills to become more effective, more successful, and develop the edge you need to stand out and affect change. And you will leave feeling motivated, energized, and prepared to take care of any situation that comes your way.


In this highly practical 2-Day course you will learn:


  • Manage unwanted behaviours
  • Deal with employee problems professionally – promoting change
  • Handle employees who challenge you – bring them onside with you
  • Knock out negativity – before it becomes unmanageable
  • Motivate the employee who is lazy and unproductive
  • Transform attitudes from “cant’s” to “cans”
  • Discover your personal leadership style and how to use it
  • Giving directions not marching orders
  • How to delegate with confidence even if you do not feel like you can
  • What great supervisors do to get people to follow them
  • Buddy or boss? Who are you and what does that mean to your employees?
  • Get things done and open the lines of communications with this 1 tool you can do today
  • Manage all the different hats you must wear with efficiency using these 4 techniques
  • Close the generation gaps – lead and build cohesive teams regardless of ages and opinions
  • Learn how to effectively promote, supervise and motivate teams when you are not there
  • Help your HR department and organization by knowing your responsibility under the law
  • Learn how to use this one tool to improve behaviour and morale overall
  • Discover ways to give criticism, feedback, and praise successfully
  • Solve performance problems by addressing these common hidden reasons
  • Learn the ways bosses usually discourage employees from performing – and if you are guilty of doing them
  • Learn positive ways to inspire, lead and guide
  • Discover effective business writing tips you can use to make your emails and memo’s clear
  • Say “No” with tact – encouraging relationship building and credibility
  • Develop the knowledge and skillset to know if people do not understand what you are saying or are not buying into your request
  • Find the solution to communicating feedback that sticks
  • Recruit, hire, and develop great employees
  • Interviewing strategies that help you find the right employee every time
  • Discipline and terminating traps – every supervisor must know these 10 no-no’s
  • Learn techniques to coach employees through change and transition
  • Positive ways to present change, get buy-in, and relieve anxiety
  • Manage change and the 9 common challenges from your employees point of view
  • Master these 12 essential supervisory skills now
  • Learn how to effectively prioritize and organize your day
  • Discover self-management habits that will propel you to that next level
  • Get and stay motivated in your current role and on the road to success

Basic Supervision - Two Day Event

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    • First Time Managers And Supervisors
    • Managers And Supervisors Wanting To Freshen Up Their Skills
    • Team Leaders
    • Team Members And Colleagues
    • Who Help Motivate And Supervise Others
    • Coaches And Mentors
    • Staff Development Officers
    • Any Person Who Has Been Assigned the Responsibility of Supervising, Mentoring, Coaching and Appraising another Person.
    • All Persons Wanting To Become A Supervisor Or Manager


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