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There are many required components for a group of people to function cohesively and effectively together. Creating a healthy group environment means that there is openness, trust, support and respect for one another. To empower a group of people to be effective we need to mix in individual responsibility and accountability. Whether you are building, mentoring, or part of the team we all have very important roles and that is what this workshop focuses on, the things that make teams great!


Career Concepts' Building and Mentoring Teams workshop is designed to teach you the necessary skills to drive team performance, morale and efficiency. You start the day learning how to identify the true gaps and challenges your team faces and how to handle them. Then you will explore how to create a healthy group climate by building true openness, trust, support and respect for each other.


You will discover how to motive your team members to take responsibility and hold themselves accountable while increasing their confidence and team mood. You will delve into what makes a great mentoring relationship and what skills you can sharpen to become that inspiring leader. Spend just one day with us and recharge your knowledge and motivation to inspire your team. And if you are not a team leader yet this is a great workshop for you to prepare for that next step in your career.

By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Communicate clearly and confidently to each member of your team
  • Give feedback that inspires action instead of negativity
  • Create a climate of openness, trust and respect
  • Generate skills in your team that promotes responsibility and accountability
  • Facilitate group problem solving and group decision making
  • Assist the group in giving effective feedback that promotes unity
  • Help the team set goals and manage their time
  • Gain a fresh eye toward group functions, politics and culture
  • Develop and manage the mentoring relationship
  • Understand how to stop supervising and start mentoring
  • How to recover from mistakes and rebuild trust
  • How to handle team discipline without hurting the relationship
  • Create the professional boundary that supports mentor and mentee relationships

Building and Mentoring Teams

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    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Team Leaders
    • Team Members and Colleagues who Help Motivate Others
    • Coaches and Mentors
    • Staff Development Officers
    • Any person who has been assigned the responsibility of mentoring, coach and appraising another person.


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