Training Course Description:


Effective communication has and always will be an essential part of business. Our communication is challenged by the complexity and diversification of the workplace. As we deal with ethical dilemmas, organizational change, global and multicultural partners and constant technological developments we struggle to deliver proper and effective communication.

Career Concepts' Business Communications workshop uses practical examples along with case studies to explore communication challenges and barriers we face in today’s business environment. You will learn how to send effective emails, write concise letters, deliver powerful presentations and communicate effectively with others. You will leave this workshop with a greater level of confidence in your ability to communicate in business and your personal life.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Communicate for Action – Engage and Motivate the Listener
  • Create Compelling Communication – Become an Influential Speaker / Presenter
  • Use Professional Language and Style – Control Your Word Choice, Structure and Tone
  • Effectively Communicate to Your Audience – Create Reader-Centred Messages
  • Develop Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Skills
  • Break Down Barriers to Communication
  • Use Virtual Communication Tools To Deliver Clear Professional Messages
  • Utilize Different Message Strategies to Inform and Persuade Your Audience
  • Turn Negative Communication into Constructive Messages
  • Use Powerful Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues to Enhance Your Message

Business Communications

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    • Business professionals at all levels who want to improve their communication skills


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