Training Course Description:

Business Relationship Management focuses on relationship building skills that are needed to establish strong and lasting connections with your clients, suppliers, colleagues and stakeholders. Do you wish that networking and connecting with others came easier to you? Do you stress or spend hours preparing for the next meeting, networking event or presentation you have to give? Do you feel like your mind goes blank or you just ramble on when you have to speak? Do you have a hard time dealing with disagreement and worry about appearing too aggressive or not assertive enough?


Career Concepts' Business Relationship Management workshop teaches easy to use techniques to help you increase and even enjoy building relationships with people. Whether you are leading a team, in a sales/customer service role or just want to connect better with others - this workshop is designed to give you the ability to make every encounter professional and productive. You will take away proven methods to increase your self-confidence when speaking to others, build your personal and professional credibility and create meaningful connections.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:



  • Understand relationship dynamics and how to use them to shape strong connections
  • Gain confidence by managing the self-talk and limiting beliefs we tell ourselves
  • Stay focused and avoid the mindless rambling or blank mind syndrome
  • Use behavioural flexibility and your personal style to engage with anyone
  • Use the right amount of assertiveness to steer the relationship in the right direction
  • Turn boring technical terms into easy-to-understand and relatable language
  • Present yourself with charisma and ease
  • Enjoy the networking and connecting part of business

Business Relationship Management

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    • Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Sales and Client Relationship Professionals
    • Health Care Practitioners and Nurses
    • Community Care Workers
    • Customer Service Staff


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