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In the workplace, your writing speaks volumes about you. Career Concepts' Business Writing Workshop places you on the fast track to becoming a strong, clear, persuasive business writer. Whether you are writing letters, memos, reports, proposals, emails, performance appraisals, or using social media – this workshop will take the stress out of creating the message and document giving you the confidence to get it right the first time, every time.


This workshop is fun, interactive, and designed to make writing easy and enjoyable. You will receive a professional resource manual full of templates, reference sheets, and quick guides to assist you for years to come.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Streamline your writing process
  • Save time and avoid writer's block
  • Quickly organize your thoughts, generating concise and relevant content
  • Structure your sentences with the correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Write to a diverse audience with clarity
  • Proofread and edit quickly and accurately
  • Manage your computer documents during the writing process
  • Develop and enforce email policy for your organization
  • Understand and Implement current email rules and etiquette
  • Use Instant Messaging (IM) effectively
  • Adapt your business writing for global English
  • Write for your business online – social media, blogs, websites
  • Create professional reports and proposals


You Will Learn:


  • The Principles Of Effective Business Writing
  • Understanding Different Writing Styles And When To Use Them
  • Meeting The Reader’s Needs And Expectations
  • How To Overcome Writers Block
  • The Importance Of Word Choice
  • Creating The Appropriate Writing Tone
  • Defining The Purpose Of The Message And The Desired Action Of The Reader
  • How To Use Business Storytelling To Enhance Your Message
  • Writing Meeting Notes And Letters - That Get Read
  • Writing Clear Procedures
  • 5 Steps To Writing Proposals And Reports
  • How To Appeal to the Readers Interest and Needs
  • 3 Step Plan That Takes You From Start To Finish In Any Writing Project
  • How To Write Logically and Concise
  • How And When To Use Passive and Active Sentences
  • Guidelines For Writing Emails
  • When And How To Forward, Reply, CC, and BCC Emails
  • How To Create And Enforce An Email Policy
  • How To Proofread and Edit Your Own Message and Others
  • How To Avoid Sexist Or Offensive Language
  • Recognize Common Spelling Mistakes and Confusing Words
  • Writing For a Diverse Audience
  • How To Use Global Language
  • Writing For Social Media Platforms

Business Writing Workshop

Currently Not Scheduled: Live Online Event
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