Training Course Description:


The old rules of management and supervision simply do not apply in today’s complex workforce. The best leaders are the ones who understand how to take their supervisory skills to the next level of coaching and mentoring their staff.


Career Concepts' Coaching, Supervising, and Mentoring workshop is guaranteed to build your knowledge and skills to become an effective leader - immediately. You will spend the day learning how to solve real-world problems you face every day as a leader from creating a high-energy and healthy work environment for your staff and organization to boosting performance while reducing absenteeism, tardiness, staff burnout, and personal problems just to name a few. If you are serious about becoming that effective leader and would like a fast and easy way to understand and master these skills, Career Concepts' 1-Day Coaching, Supervising and Mentoring workshop is the perfect way to spend the day.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand when to Coach vs. Supervise vs. Mentor
  • Use coaching principles to maximize others' productivity and effectiveness
  • Influence and Motivate others
  • Provide effective feedback - boosting performance
  • Overcome Common Roadblocks to managing people and relationships
  • Focus on Progress and Relationships instead of Obstacles
  • Encourage Growth and Development in your staff
  • Use Coaching and Mentoring to Create Stronger Teams
  • How to bond with staff and still maintain a professional relationship
  • Deal with poor performers who do not respond to coaching
  • Become a Confident and Effective Leader


You Will Learn:


  • What The Difference Is Between Coaching, Mentoring, And Supervising
  • When To Use Coaching, Mentoring, Or Supervising
  • Developing Your Natural Leadership Style
  • Keys To Effective Coaching, Mentoring And Supervising
  • Transitioning Your Staff Through Each Level To Achieve A Highly Motivated, Independent Employee
  • Techniques For Building Trust And Mutual Respect
  • Strategies For Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open
  • Power Tips For Boosting Collaboration And Teamwork
  • How To Handle Common Employee Problems
  • Eight Critical Steps To Becoming A Successful Mentor
  • How To Empower And Encourage Employees To Exceed Your Expectations
  • Common Coaching, Mentoring, And Supervising Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
  • Steps To Providing Feedback That Result In A Positive Change Every Time
  • Explore Motivational Leadership
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Three Alternative Mentor Strategies
  • The Purpose And Payoff Of Mentoring Programs
  • Structuring Coaching And Mentoring Programs


Who Will Be There:


  • Directors, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Team Leads
  • Project Managers and Project Leaders
  • Coordinators
  • Employee Development and Team Specialists
  • Human Resource Managers and Trainers
  • Sales and Customer Services Managers
  • Anyone in a position of influencing individuals

Coaching, Supervising And Mentoring

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
  • "Excellent seminar, very engaging facilitator. I learned new strategies to uniform my work and case management practice and how to deal with difficult clients. How to keep people positive and motivated, and work with different personalities. The resources provided was excellent and the examples were extremely useful." - Meghan W - Toronto, Ontario

    "I learned a lot about the differences between supervising, coaching and mentoring. We will be sending more people to your seminars. I will be a more effective manager. The day was well organized with a very engaging facilitator and great materials." - Candice G - Toronto, Ontario


    "The seminar allowed for questions, problem solving and provided solutions. I will implement the information learned and my team will benefit from what I have learned. The facilitator was responsive to questions and provided solutions. The smaller group size worked for me! The hands on approach was great and the booklet was useful and I will refer back to it." - Michelle Smith - Hamilton, Ontario


    "The small group exceeded my expectations, I assumed it would be a larger group seminar so it was a nice surprise to see the focus group setting. I now have specific goals to improve my coaching and mentoring skills. Excellent seminar - I will keep checking the website for relevant topics to attend." - Michelle C - Toronto, Ontario


    "This seminar came just in time. I started questioning my skills leading the department. Hearing the experiences from an expert in the field with different examples was easy to understand and put in my position. I have gained more trust in my ability and I will use the techniques and examples I used in the seminar." - Ai Y - Mississauga, Ontario


    "This seminar has given an interesting perspectives - leaving me with some interesting areas that I need to improve on, allowing me to grow as a manager and a person. I feel that I will improve over all in communication with my staff, encourage and empower people." - Ashley B - Ottawa, Ontario


    "This seminar exceeded my expectations, there was a lot of interaction. Pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me talk and be more confident in a group setting. I have another great resource tool that I can refer to going forward." - Darlene S - Ontario


    "This seminar helped develop my skills as a mentor, coach and supervisor. I will be taking what I learned back to my co-workers. It was a great day, learned lots of interesting tips and techniques that I look forward to starting to use in my day to day life." - Jessica M - Kitchener, Ontario


    “The seminar taught me the difference between coaching and mentoring and how to use these with team members. We [as a company] will be able to follow through with team members. Being able to see their ability and achievements in a different way. “ - Karen R., Waterloo


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