Training Course Description:


To be effective in building relationships, working with others, or leading a team we need to be great communicators (face to face and via email), manage our time, make good decisions and problem solve with tact and diplomacy. The better we are in each of these areas the more we are influential, charismatic, credible, and able to reach our personal and professional goals.


Career Concepts' Communication and Effective Personal Performance workshop is a well rounded essential soft skills workshop for anyone who wants to enhance their personal and professional competence levels. The day is broken into four areas: Communication, Time Management, Business Writing, and Problem Solving / Decision Making. These are areas that every employee, team member, supervisor, manager, customer service representative, and sales professional must excel in to be the best in their respective fields. Take a look at just some of the benefits of attending this workshop.

By The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:



  • Express your ideas assertively, confidently, and precisely
  • Set expectations and get results
  • Understand non-verbal and verbal behaviour while communicating with others
  • Prepare for and deliver bad news using a systematic step by step technique
  • Say no decisively and politely

Time management

  • What mental techniques can you use to increase your productivity
  • What is the impact of perfectionism on your productivity and how you can manage it
  • Learn which planning style is better for you
  • How to prioritize your tasks

Business writing

  • Streamline your writing process
  • Quickly organize your thoughts, generating concise and relevant content
  • Structure your sentences with the correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Write to a diverse audience with clarity

Decision making & problem-solving

  • Understand what is involved in the decision making and problem-solving process
  • Use different thinking strategies to understand and evaluate a problem
  • Stop avoiding and make a decision you are confident in


Who Will Be There:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Trainers, Presenters, Facilitators, and Mediators
  • Individuals who lead or work within teams
  • Individuals responsible for negotiating with suppliers, vendors, unions, and companies
  • Marketing and Communications Officers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Anyone who relies on their ability to communicate effectively and confidently

Communication and Effective Personal Performance

Workshop: Live Online Event
Currently Not Scheduled: Contact Us To Schedule This Session
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
  • “I loved the scenarios, they were real situations. I can use these teachings in all employee and manager conversations. After learning about techniques and pairing them with examples, being specific, really makes people understand. Very engaging!” - Erin B., Toronto

    “The seminar provided me with exercises to try out in my spare time and apply to my daily routine. Everyday practical scenarios that relate to my daily tasks and responsibilities were effective.” - Max C., Toronto

    “I have better techniques for team synergy and employees can feel more valued. The seminar helps everyone work to understand one another and avoid or navigate unnecessary conflict. Sherry did a great job diving into examples that are real world based.” - Duy N., Toronto


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