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There is a fine line between professional care and over-familiarity in developing working relationships, especially when we are focused on caring and advocating for other people. Complex and challenging personal and professional situations can occur. Sometimes our working relationships leave us feeling intruded upon by our peers and compromised on a personal and a professional level. Unintentional negative consequences result from well-meaning gestures and changes in roles and responsibilities. It is often hard to find a balance between care and professionalism.


Career Concepts' Creating Professional Boundaries and Relationships workshop is designed to define and explore professional interactions within the clinical, cultural, and social communities in which we work and live. Participants will examine issues that they have experienced in their work lives and learn practical ways to set boundaries and build appropriate professional relationships.


You Will Learn:


  • What Are Professional Boundaries And Why Are They Important
  • How To Maintain Relationships Within Those Boundaries
  • Explore The Consequences Of Having Loose Or Poor Boundaries
  • How To Handle The Difficult Conversations Required When Establishing Our Boundaries
  • Strategies For Saying “No”
  • Create And Communicate Appropriate Expectations For The Relationship
  • Recover And Re-Establish
  • How To Avoid Compromising Situations
  • Self-Awareness: Recognizing Your Own Boundary Issues And How They Impact Relationships

Creating Professional Boundaries and Relationships

Workshop: Live Online Event
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Sales and Client Relationship Professionals
    • Health Care Practitioners and Nurses
    • Community Care Workers
    • Customer Service Staff


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