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Have ever wondered how to get others to be more accountable for their own actions? If you often shake your head in amazement at the statements: “that’s not my responsibility”, “that’s her fault” or “I’m not to blame”, then those around you are suffering from accountability issues. The good news is that there is a way to hold others accountable without breaking your relationships. When done right, holding someone accountable can strengthen a relationship, build organizational morale, increase productivity, and restore trust among teams.

Career Concepts' Critical Accountability workshop is designed to show you how to foster accountability in the people around you. You will learn how to lead your peers, employees, and even clients past the blame game, broken promises, built-up resentment to becoming a happier and accountable group of people. You will explore techniques to help yourself and others resolve conflicts, increase the drive and motivation to get things done, stay on track, and manage expectations. Whether you work in a team, you are a front-line employee, a manager, or supervisor, or rely on others to get things done you will benefit from joining a Critical Accountability workshop.


By The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:



  • Hold anyone accountable while maintaining a good relationship
  • Have an accountability conversation with confidence
  • Help others want to take action
  • Increase drive and performance
  • Resolve issues while staying emotionally controlled
  • Set clear and concise expectations
  • Gain mutual understanding and respect
  • Help others stay on track and breakthrough performance barriers
  • Explore the differences between responsibility and accountability
  • Build a constructive, blame-free environment while holding people accountable
  • Eliminate words, phrases, and actions that undermine accountability
  • Stop worrying or feeling guilty for holding others accountable
  • Coach and mentor for accountability and ownership
  • Deal with problems head-on with joint commitment to solve the problem and take action
  • Take control of your day by clearly identifying your roles and responsibilities
  • Delegate and assign roles with confidence
  • Stop the madness of taking on to much by discovering what you are truly responsible for
  • Focus your team by assigning the appropriate amount of accountability and responsibility
  • Improve communication and workflow within your team and co-workers
  • Learn how to work through your emotions and thoughts before, during, and after an accountability conversation
  • Learn how to determine “what” and “If” you should hold an accountability conversation
  • Discover what natural accountability pitfalls are and how to avoid them
  • Set your accountability conversations on the right path with these 10 tips
  • Discover why the other person is not holding up their end of the agreement and what to do about it
  • Follow these “Must Do” steps after your accountability conversation to encourage a workplace where everyone does their part

Critical Accountability

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    • Sales Professionals
    • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Trainers, Presenters, Facilitators and Mediators
    • Individuals who lead or work within teams
    • Individuals responsible for negotiating with suppliers, vendors, unions and companies
    • Marketing and Communications Officers
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Anyone who relies on their ability to communicate effectively and confidently
  • “Excellent explanations, activities and tools. These will assist me to be more efficient in dealing with accountability issues. The seminar also improved my understanding of the value of addressing accountability problems.” - Cindy G., Kitchener

    "The seminar helped me define what accountability is. It re-directed my focus and priorities. I learned how to approach and have staff have accountability for their actions.” - Carleene B., Burlington

    “ The seminar provided models to assist in structuring accountability's and responsibilities among my teams. Also methods to hold a constructive and focused accountability conversation in the workplace.” - Tristan L., Burlington

    "I think accountability is most difficult when dealing with individuals who feel they are entitled. These attitudes are difficult to handle but Jon brought up a number of ideas that could work so it's not hopeless. As long as we have new ideas and options, there is hope to progress/make changes. Really liked hearing about Jon's successes and failures using different methods of dealing with employees/people, and his suggestions." - Margo R., Windsor


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