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When a discussion must take place and you know emotions and opinions will get in the way of the true meaning, message, and intention– you are entering into a critical conversation. For some of us, we avoid these conversations with the hope that “it will all work out” or we tackle the conversation with anxiety, receive resistance, and end in an argument, broken relationships, and less than desirable results. The good news is that these conversations do not have to be this way. You can learn how to have these important conversations with less stress, increased confidence, and achieve the results you are looking for.


Career Concepts' Critical Conversations workshop is designed to show you how to resolve disagreements, build acceptance, foster teamwork, and deliver bad or controversial information persuasively and collaboratively. In just one day learn how to overcome the emotions, defensiveness, aggression, or avoidance that happens during our conversations with an actionable communications plan and a toolbox full of strategies to decrease those negative emotions. Whether you are dealing with office politics, challenging clients, difficult situations, or defensive people, learning how to properly prepare, execute and follow up a conversation will motivate, increase morale and strengthen your relationships.

By The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:


  • Gain Control of Your Own Emotional Responses
  • Deal With People Who Retreat Into Silence or Blow Up
  • Resolve Disagreements Quickly
  • Help Others Into Dialogue When They Are Angry, Defensive, or Hurt
  • Make Communication Meaningful And Avoid Misunderstandings
  • Increase Productivity, Morale and Cohesiveness at Work, In Your Team and Organization
  • Identify Which Conversations Are Keeping You From Your Desired Results
  • Gain Mutual Respect, Trust, And Lasting Relationships Through Safe Information Sharing
  • Effectively Communicate In Group Situations
  • Influence The Attitudes, Opinion, And Behaviour Of Others
  • Address Conflict and Reduce Tension During Conversations
  • Deliver Any Type of Message Effectively with Clarity and Confidence
  • Effectively Approach and Improve Those who Behave Disrespectfully, Let You or the Team Down, or are Resistant to Change
  • Remove The Passiveness Or Aggression From Your Communication
  • Move From Talking to Getting Results
  • Master Your Fear of Having Tough Conversations

Critical Conversations

Workshop: Live Online Event
Currently Not Scheduled: Contact Us To Schedule This Session
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Sales Professionals
    • Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Trainers, Presenters, Facilitators, and Mediators
    • Individuals who lead or work within teams
    • Individuals responsible for negotiating with suppliers, vendors, unions, and companies
    • Marketing and Communications Officers
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Anyone who relies on their ability to communicate effectively and confidently
  • “Provided strategies to help me with critical conversations in my professional and personal life. Sherry was amazing!” - Jayah S., Oshawa

    “[The seminar] expanded my knowledge and added to my ‘tool box’. Excellent seminar! I look forward to future seminars. Willing to travel for the training!” - Michelle M., Oshawa

    “The workshop was beyond my expectations. Critical conversations to critically reflect ourselves and how we impact others.” - Dion M., Oakville

    “The seminar gave me new tools to bring back to the workplace, apply to achieve my goals and improve my performance.” - Shannon W., Toronto


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