Training Course Description: 

Making decisions is a part of our everyday lives. The decisions we make define our life and sometimes have a profound effect on the path we take. Making decisions is not an easy task and often we find ourselves indecisive, spending countless hours weighing out possible options or even worse avoiding making the decision altogether.


Successful organizations and people recognize that making clear and confident decisions with the ability to problem solve increases productivity and potential. Today’s decision-makers are faced with difficult situations and challenges in the workplace. How we approach and perceive the decision, negotiate the problem, and implement the conclusion will make all the difference in the success or failure of our decisions.


Career Concepts' Decision Making and Problem Solving workshop provides you with the tools you need to make confident sound decisions. Whether you are looking for a way to break through the status quo, an easier way to simplify and evaluate your options, or how to effectively communicate your decision, this workshop is for you.

By The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand What Is Involved In The Decision Making And Problem Solving Process
  • Use Different Thinking Strategies To Understand And Evaluate A Problem
  • Recognize Your Perception Of The Problem And How It Affects Your Decision
  • Stop Avoiding And Make A Decision You Are Confident In
  • Clarify Problems In Term Of Objectives And Issues
  • Make Decisions That Are Logical And Explicable
  • Shorten The Time It Takes To Analyze The Problem And Make The Decision

Decision Making & Problem Solving Workshop

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Team Leaders
    • Sales Professionals
    • Health Care Practitioners and Nurses
    • Community Care Workers
    • Customer Service Staff
    • Anyone who makes decisions both professionally and in personal life


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