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Change is challenging and necessary to keep us moving forward, learning how to embrace change isn’t. We know a change in your life can leave you feeling like you are out-of-control, fearful, overwhelmed, and exhausted. There is a certain uncertainty that we must face and learn how to cope with the uncertainty of change can propel us forward to a place of peace and security.


If you are responsible for leading people and an organization through change; learn what should be involved in each stage of a change and how to create a change program that will allow you to respond quickly and competently. You will also focus on how to manage people and resources through the change, lessening stress and improving rapport, confidence, and morale.


If you are in the midst of change and personally want to handle change better or help your staff handle change, you will learn techniques to manage the feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that come with change.


Regardless of where you are in the change process, this workshop will show you how to make the transition with confidence, ease, and skill.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:

  • Face Change as a Process
  • Handle Feelings of Stress, Anxiety, and Fear During Change
  • Develop a Positive Outlook Towards Change
  • Decrease Emotions, Tension, and Conflict
  • Become a Change Agent instead of Relic in Your Work and Home Life
  • Create a Master Plan for Change
  • Feel in Control when Change is Out of Your Control
  • Find Hidden Opportunities in Unwelcome Change
  • Plan for Change – Be Proactive




  1. Understanding the Nature and Challenges of Change
  2. Your Natural Response to Change – A Self Assessment
  3. Change and Business – The Flex Rule
  4. The Change Curve – What To Do When You Are Stuck In The Curve
  5. Create a Plan for Change: Your Goals, Objectives, and Strategies
  6. Communicating for Change
  7. The “Talk” Around Change – Exploring Your Belief System
  8. The Controllable, The Given, and The Negotiable
  9. Excelling Through Change – We Can’t Stop It, Let’s Manage Through It
  10. Facing and Embracing Change All-Star Strategies
  11. Tips for Taking Care of Yourself
  12. Your Personal Action Plan – Moving Through Transition

Embracing Change

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