Training Course Description:


Career Concepts' Finance and Budgeting for Non-Financial Professionals workshop focus on core finance and accounting concepts vital to your professional success. You will delve into real-world, non-technical training that will give you the confidence and financial know-how to plan budgets, evaluate for risk and opportunity and so much more.


This highly engaging and practical course is designed to:


  • Give you confidence in working with financial facts and figures
  • Quickly focus on the important parts of balance sheets, budgets, and reports
  • Understand concepts of budgeting
  • Help you present your goals in the right financial terms
  • Show you how financing business works – all types of grants, loans, funding, and the pros and cons of each
  • How to set up benchmarks for measuring and evaluating the financial performance of your actions
  • How to decipher balance sheets, cash flow reports, and income statements
  • How to properly prepare financial statements
  • Explore personal financial software programs and determine which is right for you
  • Simple techniques to ensure accuracy
  • How to account for assets, liabilities, units of service, memberships, expenses, and surplus
  • Understand debits and credits
  • Understand how your decisions impact the bottom line
  • Develop techniques to keep you on budget
  • Learn how to apply universal accounting principles to any reporting or planning process
  • Learn what fixed and variable costs are so that you can anticipate and control costs
  • Distinguish who is responsible for the direct and indirect costs within your department or organization
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing versus leasing
  • By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify, understand and communicate the different methods of accounting
  • Apply basic financial principles, terminology, and reports
  • Understand and present finance and accounting reports with confidence
  • Spot problems before they become detrimental to the department and organization
  • Make solid decisions based on factual numbers
  • Strategically plan for all areas of your job, including managing people, controlling costs, and setting objectives
  • Improve your financial literacy, your professional credibility, and productivity
  • Cut through all the accounting jargon and get to what matters the most


Ask yourself these questions:


  1. Do you have a good idea but are not sure how to put the proposal together so that it shows the liabilities and payoffs properly?
  2. Do your eyes glaze over when the accounting team starts talking?
  3. Are you baffled by accounting jargon?
  4. Do you shy away from opportunities because you feel uncomfortable with your current level of financial or accounting knowledge?
  5. Do you have a hard time staying on budget?
  6. Having a hard time understanding budgets and reports?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions ENROLL TODAY!

Finance & Budgeting for Non-Financial Professionals

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    • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
    • Individuals getting ready for a management position
    • Professionals responsible for preparing, reading and approving budgets, business plans or financial reports
    • Employees in the public, provide and not-for-profit sector who wants to develop a solid understanding of finances
    • Project Managers 


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