Training Course Description:


Career Concepts' Fundraising and Resource Development workshop explore the challenges nonprofit organizations and charities face in their fundraising and resource development efforts. In this workshop learn how to balance fundraising with other giving opportunities and involve every aspect of your organization in resource development. Identify and secure continuous resources while building lasting relationships with people. Manage budgets, marketing, and donor engagement through various proven methods. Best of all spend the day networking and learning techniques that will support your fundraising process and strengthen your resource development function.


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:



  • Plan effective fundraising and resource development practices for 2021
  • Use timelines and specific steps to strengthen your fundraising programs
  • Utilize the latest cost-effective fundraising strategies
  • Develop and manage your resource development function
  • Plan for effectiveness and efficiency through the organization, nurturing relationships, marketing, and donor engagement
  • Manage information with easy to apply techniques and systems
  • Explore prospect identification, conduct market research, and find available grants
  • Understand the basics of budgeting and financial management

Fundraising and Resource Development

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    • Supervisors and Managers of Volunteers
    • Coordinators
    • Administrators
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Volunteers
    • Community Relations Officers
    • Leaders of non-profit, not-for profit and charity organizations
    • Board Members
    • Companies who routinely bring in volunteers and students
    • Any person who has the responsibility to train, recruit and roster volunteers


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