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The ability to set goals is at the core of personal productivity, career success, and effective leadership. Many of us work hard and move busily through our life feeling somewhat adrift. Without taking the time to set goals we often lack focus and direction leaving us responding to whatever comes our way. Goal setting sets a direction and allows you to take control of your life; it also provides you with a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.


Whether you are looking to set goals on low-level day-to-day objectives or on a grander scale of your life, career, and health; Career Concepts' Goal Setting workshop will show you how to set viable, realistic, achievable goals.


Note that this workshop is not just about setting your goals but how to systematically take steps to achieve those goals.


By The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand What Is Involved In Setting Positive Goals
  • Avoid Eight Common Mistakes That Sabotage Us From Achieving Our Goals
  • Apply Our Six Golden Rules In Goal Setting For Success
  • Set Goals So That You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed Or Procrastinate
  • Analyze And Prioritize Your Activities To Ensure You Are Working Towards Your Goals And Not Away From Them
  • Set Goals That Motivate You Instead Of Discouraging You
  • Use Modern Technology And Software Tools To Save Time And Ensure Success Towards Reaching Your Goals

Goal Setting

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    • New Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Team Leaders
    • Employees
    • Sales Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Administrative Professionals
    "I am going to able to use the tools I learnt on an everyday basis; will enhance my productivity at work." - Joanne B.

    "I am better able to identify goals and achieve them. I can make a more valuable contribution to the company and can share what I learned with my co-workers." - Angela P.

    "I liked that it related specifically to my situation. I will be better able to manage my task list and improve my relationship with my boss." - Sharon D.

    "This program gave me tools to assist in setting goals. I will share information with my co-workers." - Julie C.


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