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Organizations face many challenges daily but none as often or potentially dangerous as the human resource element. Policies, procedures, and guidelines are changing swiftly in these uncertain times and we want to help you understand the “new rules” to protecting your employees and organization. 

It only takes a few unintentional mistakes to de-motivate staff, escalate a situation, or end up in a costly legal position. Equipping yourself and your management staff with best practices in HR will positively impact your organization. You are an intricate part of your organization. You as a leader have the power to protect, empower, and motivate the people who work with and for you and your company. You cannot afford not to have the working knowledge of HR law and best practices if you want to succeed in today’s world.


Career Concepts' Human Resources for Supervisors and Managers workshop is information-packed with real case studies and new techniques to help you meet the demands of skill and talent management. 


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand basic HR law and how it applies to your role within the company
  • Record keeping: what you should be keeping, for how long, and how you should be keeping the records
  • Establish and maintain employee confidentiality, building trust and loyalty
  • Feel confident in the must-know legal information about hiring, firing, and discipline
  • Set smart policies and procedures to minimize legal trouble and maximize productivity and morale
  • Help HR effectively manage personnel without fear of legal ramifications
  • Avoid recruiting disasters and set new employees up for success
  • Understand what training every employee must have under the law and how to easily develop, implement and review the training
  • Diplomatic and legal ways to handle tough and uncomfortable situations
  • Develop yourself into a trusted and valuable resource
  • Reduce and manage risk to the organization


In This Dynamic Program You Will Understand:


  • What human resources is today
  • The key factors influencing human resources today
  • Laws and practices every manager, supervisor, and HR professional should know
  • Recruiting and interviewing skills that find you the best candidate while keeping you out of hot water
  • Job selection processes legally and effectively
  • Getting good at interviewing, uncovering the truth
  • Legal hiring practices – the do’s and don’ts of recruiting, hiring, and orientating new employees
  • Retention and orientation techniques: discover the best strategies to motivate and retain your staff
  • Using orientation lists and what should be on the list
  • Creating engaging programs that promote safe and effective employees
  • Develop a consistent approach for every manager to use when handling employees
  • How to structure the employee manual and what must be covered in the manual
  • Encouraging growth and development
  • What training you must give employees and how to ensure the transfer of knowledge and diligence on your part
  • How to set up and conduct performance reviews that motivate, engage and keep you legally sound
  • Workplace health and safety: your roles, responsibilities, and rights
  • Create a workplace that treats all people fair
  • General and progressive discipline processes: find which one is right for your organization
  • How to handle harassment and discrimination investigations
  • The basic laws governing record keeping: what, why, and how you must keep those records
  • Guidelines for legally terminating an employee
  • Avoiding employment contracts that restrict your rights as an employer
  • 7 ways to avoid misclassifying your contract labour and keeping governing agencies away
  • Learn where to look and how to interrupt employment law and what precious cases before the courts mean to you
  • How to calculate employment pay, overtime, statutory holidays under the Employment Standards Act
  • Write, communicate and protect yourself with effective policy and procedures: recognize the legally weak language, demotivating words, and unclear definitions


Who Will Be There:


  • First Time Managers and Supervisors who want to learn how to be the best at their job and stay within the law
  • Seasoned Managers and Supervisors who want to update and sharpen their knowledge on current, new, and trending HR Law
  • If you are looking to add Human Resource knowledge to your professional toolbox, enhance your resume or show your superiors you are serious about your role.
  • Anyone looking for ways to inspire, guide, and lead people with confidence.
  • Human Resource professionals looking for a fresh perceptive on employee coaching, counseling, and discipline.
  • Small business owners
  • HR Assistants, Administrative Assistants, and Executive Assistants
  • Office Managers

Human Resources For Managers and Supervisors

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
  • “It taught me a lot of information needed for my job. [I will be able to] put new practices in place. I loved the seminar.” - Nicole K., Ottawa

    “I thought it was very informative. There was so much information, I was wishing it was longer-very interesting.” - Michelle P., Mississauga


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