Training Course Description:


Delivering a training program requires many skills: from content knowledge and storytelling to understand how adults learn and setting a positive learning environment… just to name a few.


Career Concepts' Intensive Train the Trainer Workshop will provide you with the critical skills needed to deliver an exceptional training session with ease and confidence regardless of the topic. You will learn the best training methodologies in delivering the course content, accelerated adult learning principles, sequencing, and timing, delivery, body language, verbal skills and more thus allowing for an easy transfer of skills, knowledge, and techniques to participants.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Use Accelerate Learning Techniques To Increase The Pace Of Learning
  • Utilize Human Memory Patterns, Increasing The Participants Retention Of Subject Matter
  • Understand Group Dynamics And Foster A Positive Learning Environment
  • Use Story Telling And Examples For Easy Transfer Of Skills And Techniques
  • Handle Difficult People In The Class Room
  • Use Proven Techniques To Fully Engage Participants
  • Show Confidence In Front Of The Classroom And Gain Credibility
  • Effectively Coach And Mentor Participants
  • Turn Lecturing Into An Interactive Training Program - Making The Training Day Fun

This workshop is hands-on, you will practice all of the methods taught during the day and participate in exercises designed to teach you how to be the best trainer you can be.


What You Will Learn:


  • Learn What Accelerated Learning Is And How To Take Advantage Of It In A Training Environment
  • What, When, And How To Use Instructional Methods
  • Develop The Ideal Order Of Content
  • Understand Proper Set-Up Or Introduction
  • Know What Should Be Covered During The Main Part Of The Training Program
  • Learn How To Properly Close The Training Session
  • Learn To Balance The Distribution Of Your Content To Get The Best Results
  • How To Use Effective Examples And Case Studies In Your Training
  • Learn How To Monitor Progress And Ask For Constructive Feedback
  • Explore Delivery Skills To Increase Memory Retention And Learning
  • Training Room Configuration For Specific Topics And Number Of Participants
  • Explore Different Training Aids You Can Use
  • Effectively Controlling Your Pace Of Delivery
  • How To Take Advantage Of Body Language – Yours And Theirs
  • How To Handle Questions
  • What, When, And How To Use Effective Questioning Strategies To Get The Best Results
  • How To Increase Participation
  • How To Coach
  • Learn How To Increase The Energy And Enthusiasm In The Room
  • How To Avoid Bad Questions
  • Diffuse And Handle Challenging People In The Classroom
  • The Latest Methods Used In Todays Workshops
  • Make The Program Fun, Interactive, And Memorable

Training Exercises


  • You Will Design And Structure A Short Training Presentation For Demonstration
  • You Will Practice Delivering This Presentation Using The New Techniques Learned In This Workshop
  • You Will Receive Feedback On The Delivery Of The Training Presentation
  • You Will Implement Feedback To Improve The Session

Intensive Train the Trainer Workshop

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Facilitators / Presenters and Lecturers
    • Personnel And Human Resource Professionals
    • Adult Educators
    • In-House Trainers
    • Developmental And Training Officers
    • Current Trainers
    • Consultants
    • Anyone Who Wants To Become A Trainer Or Expand Their Services
    • Anyone Who Wants To Learn The Latest Techniques In Adult Education
    • Anyone Who Wants To Update Their Current Knowledge In Adult Coaching and Training
  • “The instructor was able to break down the process into manageable pieces to work with and absorb. Internal training practices will improve. I will be more organized and informative for each type of learner. The storytelling was interesting and held my attention. Thank you.” - Anna G., Ajax

    “I loved that we set objectives at the beginning and they were reviewed. It was also great to be assessed while taking part in the activities.” Tracey D., Windsor


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