Training Course Description:


Change in your organization is sometimes necessary. Change makes your business more competitive, cost-effective, and allows your business processes to flow easier, however, the transition can be difficult and time-consuming.


Career Concepts' Managing Change workshop will show you how to make the transition with confidence and support. You will learn what should be involved in each stage of a change, how to create a change program that will allow you to respond quickly and competently to any problem that may arise. You will discuss established theories of change management and why they fail and you will learn how to manage people and resources through the change lessening stress and improving rapport, confidence, and morale.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand The Proven Principles Of Change Management And How To Apply Them
  • Define And Plan The Stages Of A Change Process
  • Understand How People Handle Change And Why Their Reactions Matter
  • Understand The Pitfalls Of Change Management And Why Some Organizations Fail
  • Understand And Respond To People’s Fear Of Change
  • Use Behavioural Techniques To Overcome Resistance To Change
  • Use Various Tools To Identify Success and Risk
  • Manage Staff Emotions Before, During, and After The Change
  • Sharpen Your Mentoring, Coaching, And Motivating Skills

Managing Change

Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Supervisors
    • Team Leaders
    • Managers
    • Senior Leaders
    • Project Managers
    • Project Teams
    • HR and Training Groups
    • Any employee involved in or responsible for implementing change
    • Any person wishing to learn more about change management


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