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Conflict in the workplace is normal but when handled poorly… or not at all, the conflict can escalate to the point of (what feels like) no return. When conflict is managed correctly the result is higher self-esteem, better relationships, greater productivity, and healthier workplace morale.


Career Concepts' Managing Conflict in the Workplace workshop focuses on understanding conflict, detecting signs of conflict escalation, and using specific techniques to respond and resolve the conflict. In just one day you will explore how to benefit from conflict, the psychological tactics used to create conflict, gain personal emotional control, and learn effective communication language to use during a conflict.

Stop the irritation, mistrust, anger, and frustration today! Enroll now, and be that unwavering emotionally controlled, solution-driven you.

By the End of This Program You Will:


  • Recognize conflict and when it is beginning to escalate, then address the conflict effectively, immediately, and with a positive outcome
  • Choose the best conflict resolution style based on the situation, the person, and your desired outcomes
  • Manage your emotions and confidently influence others when in a conflict
  • Negotiate what you want and move on to a win/win outcome
  • Prevent destructive conflicts at work and in your life
  • Understand your triggers and give you the ability to take control of your emotions during conflict: meaning never feeling flustered, anxiety, stress, or tension over a conflict again
  • Use conflict resolution to build team cohesiveness, stronger relationships, and a positive working environment


This Dynamic Program is Designed to Help You Understand:


  • What is Conflict
  • How conflicts evolve
  • What is good or bad about conflicts
  • What is the life cycle of conflicts
  • How do conflicts escalate
  • What can you learn from Game Theory to manage conflicts
  • How to Handle Conflicts
  • How many different ways can you approach a conflict and what are their advantages and disadvantages
  • How to systematically analyze conflicts based on the benefits to you or the other party and how to use this knowledge to resolve them
  • How to decline a request while avoiding conflicts
  • What is an effective conflict resolution process
  • How to use a 6-step conflict resolution formula
  • How to Manage Emotions
  • How emotions affect discussions
  • How to avoid emotional decision making
  • How to use anger management in resolving conflicts
  • Learn about a series of psychological tactics used in conflicts and know how to respond to them when used on you, or exploit them yourself
  • What are the 15 main causes of conflicts
  • How to Respond to Escalating Situations
  • What approaches are used in a discussion to win the conflict
  • How to respond to such approaches when used on you
  • Learn how to react to arrogance, vague statements, personality attacks, exaggerations, and many other commonly used tactics in conflict
  • How to Negotiate
  • How to negotiate effectively to get to a win/win outcome
  • What is Principled Negotiation
  • What is Organisational Conflict and what are the 6 ways you can use to manage it
  • How can you use well-established negotiation strategies to resolve conflicts
  • How can you use third-party intervention and what types are available
  • How to Prevent Conflicts
  • What systems should be put in place in organizations to prevent destructive conflicts
  • What resources do you need to manage conflicts efficiently
  • What kind of third-party interventions exist and how can you use them to resolve conflict

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
  • "There was a lot of content on personalities and redesigning conflict management approaches. I hope to bring these workshop opportunities to my workplace/ agency. Facilitator has outstanding teaching skills." - Jacquie H. - Ontario

    "This course gave hands on tools for future use and clarified how to manage conflict. The leader had excellent pace, communication, ensured all participated, provided usable materials, and gave resources." - Bev C. - Ontario

    "Gave me a lot to think about. Allowed me to see employees in a different light. My ability to resolve conflict and how I foresee conflict will improve. Always learn a lot from your seminars." - Christine A. - Ontario

    "Beyond expectations, there were great useful skills to use at work and at home. I will be a better communicator with my co-workers and clients. There are some great resources and the examples made it easy to understand and apply." - Katie M. - Ontario

    "The seminar was brought to our company as an onsite training day. The day was very interactive and focused on specific issues within our organization. This has helped us move forward with a strategy plan to resolve conflict. Very well done!" - Kevin M. - Toronto

    "The workshop has equipped me with tools to help me better mediate in conflict resolution and made me aware of areas that I need to improve. I can help my staff and clients moving forward." - Sylvie R - Toronto

    "I didn't want the seminar to end, it exceeded my expectations. I will be able to deal with the public better." - Megan S. - Ontario

    "This seminar was informative and practical. I feel I can recognize behaviours, approach and deal conflicts better and deal with different personalities more effective." - Carla A. - Toronto

    “[The seminar] showed examples of related issues I may see in my workplace and how meet these obstacles with a positive outcome. With the techniques learned, I will be able to see results and improvement with our relationship with staff. Very well organized and thought out, I really enjoyed the material.” - Robert F., Mississauga

    “Conflict prevention and resolution is possible with the concepts discussed in the seminar. The facilitator is excellent and keeps the class interesting.” - Terry K., Mississauga

    “Provided good examples and strategies for working through conflict. I can use self awareness and organizational awareness of how people use power and handle conflict. Great balance or group work, discussion, lecture, and absorption.” - Heather A., Newmarket

    “I will be able to take away applications that I can and will use in my work environment, which will benefit my workplace. Jon was amazing! He was very informative. Well done!” - Patsy L., Newmarket

    “The seminar gave me tools that I can return to work with and actually see.” - Doug, Hamilton


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