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You start your day feeling pretty good, you know you have a lot to do but you have a plan to get it all done so you jump in. Before you know it is lunchtime and you haven’t crossed a single thing off your list, as a matter of fact, you have added to it. Sound familiar? Time management and setting priorities sound great but you are too busy to learn a new system. What if you could spend one day to reset your to-do list, set your priorities, and what if in that one day you could learn how to stick to your plan and still be flexible enough to handle anything that came your way?

Career Concepts' Managing Time and Priorities workshop is designed to do just that - show you how to manage your time and priorities when faced with increasing demands and responsibilities. You will spend the day learning small, systematic steps you can take to make your workday flow better and get things done by selecting the right tasks to do, at the right time, every time. Handling procrastination, interruptions and distractions become easier and juggling competing tasks and projects turns into a nice change of pace throughout the day instead of an overwhelming frustrating activity of running around putting out fires. Investing one day will show you how to take back control of your day.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:



  • Work within the three rules of effective time management
  • Stop free-falling through your day
  • Prioritize with task and logic for efficiency - instead of emotion, stress, and frustration
  • Overcome barriers to crossing off your “To Do” list
  • Turn your intentions into actions instead of procrastination
  • Handle heavier workloads and competing task with confidence
  • Gather the right tools to complete task and projects with precision and speed
  • Manage interruptions and handle distractions so you can stay focused
  • Get out of the vicious cycle of managing your day by crisis and running from one fire to the next
  • Find balance, achieve your objectives, and focus on the tasks that are important to you without missing a deadline.
  • Stop feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and guilty
  • Knock out procrastination and increase your productivity and avoid burn out
  • Get organized for maximum time savings and reduced frustration and time wasters
  • Say NO without guilt, hesitation, or loss of respect
  • Gain control back, feel confident, competent, and unstoppable
  • Set yourself up for success, know exactly what you need to complete any project or goal
  • Find your motivation and drive your effectiveness with an easy to use template.
  • Find what style of planning fits you and your organization better
  • Handle competing priorities and multiple bosses like a pro
  • Identify the time wasters and handle interruptions once and for all
  • Make the most of your time by using this simple technique


Who Should Attend? 


  • Routinely multitask, feel overwhelmed or disorganized
  • Often think “if only the interruptions would stop, I could get my work done”
  • Have difficulty saying “No”
  • Feel like no one listens or there is often miscommunication and understanding
  • Are a control freak or perfectionist
  • Have a task list the length of your arm
  • Feel like you are understaffed and often experience a shift in responsibilities
  • Have many goals (personal and professional) and feel like you never have enough time to get to them
  • Deal with unrealistic timeframes
  • Inbox is full and you need relief
  • Have many commitments and not enough time to get to all of them
  • Attend too many unproductive meetings
  • If you have multiple projects on the go with competing priorities and need to rely on people to get them done.

Managing Time and Priorities

Workshop: Live Online Event
Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
  • "Relevant information with tools that are usable. My organization and myself will benefit from this seminar with better communication techniques, and strategies for dealing with difficult work schedules. Excellent seminar leader - her past experience and skills really added to the course material which was excellent. The course fee was also reasonable." - Cindy K. - Ontario

    "Very engaging and realistic examples.I will be able to complete my plans and not "fly by the seat of my pants". I was able to stay interested, engaged with the instructors focused approach, when needed we were always brought back to the task at hand." - Lynda K. - Ontario

    "I can put what I have learned into my daily job and also present what I learned to my admin team. I really like the manual for future reference and the seminar leader was knowledgeable and interesting to listen to." - Kim C. - Mississauga, Ontario

    "The workshop helped me to evaluate my organizing style, systems and problem solving style. I will have better use of my time and re-alignment of my goals." - Lil P. - Ontario

    "This workshop provided me with skills on how to better achieve larger goals by breaking them down and provided useful project management tips. I will be able to lower my stress, better meet the needs of volunteers and people we aim to support." - Nicole L. - Ontario"Now I have the tools I need to set goals for myself in organizing my workload with better organization and people skills. The content was structured, straight to the point with my job description and the seminar leader was friendly and engaging." - Lisa S. - Ontario

    "Good techniques given to practice and perfect time management. I will be able to take on more projects and complete current projects more thoroughly. The instructor is an expert on the subject, related materials to specific, personal experiences and issues I face." - Nicole G. - Ajax,Ontario

    “It was a great seminar. I felt like it will help everyone work together and understand each other. I learned a lot about how I want to organize my work day.” - Trisha S., Hiawatha

    “I like that we are all walking away with a variety of tools and techniques to apply within our roles. The instructor did a great job including the group and getting us talking.” - Carla M., Hamilton


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