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Communication is the cornerstone of every interaction, whether it be one-on-one, in a group or team, employee to employer, or business to the client. Great communication increases our confidence and self-esteem, builds relationships, brings clarity and understanding to our message, and decreases stress, frustration, and the amount of time we spend trying to get our message heard.


Career Concepts' Body Language Boot Camp is designed to increase your awareness of non-verbal signals and how to properly understand and respond to them. You will learn how to use your own body language, raise your self-confidence, and know that you can deliver a clear message every time with anybody. You will learn how to read other people's body language so that you can understand their true meaning, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently right from the start of the communication.


During this  workshop you will delve into reading the body language of individuals, groups, how power plays, show off status, and show of interest can be read through body language, then learn how to deliver a clear message, the way that they will understand and respond openly. If you are a manager, supervisor, lead a group or work with people, take the time to acquire the skills needed to become that confident, influential great communicator.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • What Body Language Is And How To Read It – You Do It, Let’s Improve Upon It
  • Universal Gestures Vs. Cultural Gestures – Avoid Stereotyping and Bias
  • Signs Of Lies, Dishonesty, Doubts And Needing Time To Think – When To Speak
  • How To Properly Understand What People Are Thinking And Feeling Before They Speak
  • Identify Lack Of Confidence Or Anxiety In Others – Your Message Won’t Be Heard Until You Relax Them – Learn How To Quickly
  • Know If You Are Closing The Deal Or Getting By In – Listen With Your Eyes
  • Detect Power Gestures Intended To Lower Your Status Or Intimidate You – Learn How To Respond Properly While Building Mutual Respect (Especially During Conflict)
  • Recognize And Counteract Negative Gestures And Behaviour – Influence The People Around You To Have An Open Mind To What You Are Saying
  • Use Effective Body Language To Increase Efficiency And Feel Confident In Your Presentations, Public Speaking, and Interviewing Abilities
  • Use Body Language To Deal With Difficult People Effectively – Before Words Are Exchanged
  • Network, Meet People In Groups Or In Meeting Rooms Appearing Confident

Master Communications - Body Language Boot Camp

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    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Sales Professionals in all industries
    • Everyone in Leadership Roles
    • Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads
    • Presenters, Facilitators, Educators,
    • Litigation Lawyers
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Administrative Support
    • Everyone who interacts face to face with others on a regular basis
    • Negotiators
  • “The Master Communications seminar exceeded my expectations in that I learned many practical skills which I have since applied in my job.Communication can make or break an organization. This course has taught me how improve my communication skills which has resulted in increased efficiencies -- solutions are reached sooner at meetings and less time is wasted by knowing what people around me are saying with their body language and knowing how to respond.Knowing how to control my own body language has helped me be a more effective manager and employee. Anyone who works with people should take this course!” - Jane D., Fort Erie

    “Very practical and relevant examples. I enjoyed everything being related to ourselves and our actions. I will be able to communicate personally and professionally better. The instructor is very easy to learn from. The demonstrated how to use body language in the actual teaching methods.” - Christine K., Newmarket


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