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Employees typically spend up to 40% of their time planning and participating in meetings. Most meetings are prompted by last-minute demands or squeezed into an already hectic schedule resulting in poor planning, unclear agendas, missed or the wrong person in the meeting. These meetings often lose focus; devour time, energy, resources, and money not to mention foster poor morale and delay or worse halt action after the meeting.


Career Concepts' 90-minute Meeting Management workshop teaches you how to run effective virtual and in-person meetings in a short amount of time with a focus on productivity, high interaction, and follow-through. Whether your meeting is one-on-one, across teams, addressing difficult situations, managing large projects, or improving business communications you will learn the skills necessary to increase accountability and efficiency.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Plan And Prepare Yourself And Others For Short, Highly Effective Meetings
  • Identify Who Should Be There, Why They Should Be There And Set Appropriate Expectations
  • Choose The Right Time, Place, And Type Of Meeting To Keep Everyone Interested And Involved
  • Create The Perfect Type Of Agenda That Motivates People Into Action
  • Set Up The Meeting Space For Easy Interaction
  • Incorporate Your Electronic Options Without Adding Distractions
  • Setting Meeting Roles, Responsibilities, And Code Of Conduct
  • Chair A Meeting With Confidence
  • Deal With Disruptions And Difficult Personalities
  • Effective Communication Strategies Before, During, And After The Meeting
  • Conduct A Quick, Focused Lessons Learned After Each Meeting For Improvement

Meeting Management

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    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Team Leaders
    • Sales and Client Relationship Professionals
    • Meeting Chairpersons
    • Event Planners
    • Administrative Professionals


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