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In today’s competitive market, it is essential to systematically manage the performance of employees, motivate them, and make them as productive as possible. Developing a productive atmosphere in any organization simply means that you must respond to the needs of the staff, interact with them, and provide feedback. When you can understand what motivates employees and align this with the organization's objectives you create a powerful, innovative, and strong company. An effective performance management system is the essence of these successful companies.


A good appraisal system is not just about figuring out how much bonus should be paid to a particular employee, it is about motivating staff, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.


Career Concepts' Performance Management workshop you will learn how to set up or evaluate your current performance management system. This program prepares you as an appraiser or coach to provide continuous and periodic feedback to employees. You will learn how to ask the right questions, help employees set goals and targets, how to motivate them, and how to increase their overall productivity.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Setup an appropriate performance management system
  • Develop healthy objectives that lead to productivity
  • Establish guidelines that allow for continuous management of performance that is fair and consistent across the company
  • Hold a constructive appraisal meeting that transfers the information while motivating the individual
  • Guide employees through the proper use of reward and ranking systems that will increase motivation and move them in the right direction.
  • Use the GROW model to coach, question, and guide
  • Motivate and increase the employee's confidence and productivity
  • Deliver potentially negative messages and get a good response in return
  • Learn how to effectively reinforce good behaviour and downplay bad behaviour
  • In This Highly Practical Course You Will Learn:
  • What true performance management is
  • The role of an appraiser
  • The difference between traditional and modern methods and why this is important
  • What all of the components of an effective performance management system is
  • What a 360-degree feedback program is and if you should use it
  • Look at the different performance programs and evaluate each one of them
  • The nuts and bolts of an appraisal meeting
  • Define the steps required to make the appraisal meeting effective
  • How to prepare for an appraisal meeting as an appraiser or appraisee
  • What topics to cover and in what order
  • How to encourage openness
  • What types of question to use and when
  • How to set useful and realistic goals
  • How to motivate an employee to follow and reach each goal
  • Learn how to avoid setting bad objectives and goals
  • How to influence individuals by modifying their thought patterns
  • Discover how to make sure performance targets are consistent with business objectives
  • What a KPI is and how to use it
  • How to reduce indifference and encourage individuals to reach peak performance
  • The do’s and don’ts of reward systems
  • How to develop a reward system and help boost staff’s performance
  • How to rank employees fairly and the dangers of using a ranking system
  • What the best coaching methods are
  • How to determine the most effective way to coach each person based on their individuality while staying consistent
  • Effective communication skills that help deliver your message with confidence and ease
  • The principles of adult learning and how to apply them during your sessions
  • How and when to provide constructive feedback
  • How to give feedback on difficult situations
  • When and how to deliver praise
  • How to help others see themselves through other people’s eyes and what they should do with this information

More reasons to attend this course:


  1. Do you find it challenging to be fair or have been accused of showing favoritism and need a clear method of evaluating performance?
  2. Goal setting is something you struggle with so how can you help others with theirs?
  3. Appraisal meetings turn into a one-way conversation that is neither productive nor motivating?
  4. You are frustrated with an employee’s lack of motivation, apparent disinterest, or desire to be there?
  5. You have a real go-getter at work and would like to help guide and focus them?
  6. You have run out of ideas on how to reward employees especially with a limited budget or other restraints?
  7. You struggle with giving feedback or criticism?
  8. You have a hard time accepting feedback or criticism?


If you answered “YES” to these questions, ENROLL TODAY!

Performance Management

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    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Team Leaders
    • Team Members and Colleagues who Help Motivate Others
    • Coaches and Mentors
    • Staff Development Officers
    • Any person who has been assigned the responsibility of mentoring, coach and appraising another person


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