Training Course Description:


For a limited time, Career Concepts is combining two popular programs into one to allow you to enhance your personal impact and presentation skills. Even if you never give formal presentations, every time you speak with another person you are giving a mini-presentation on who you are and what your message is about. Presenting is all about having an impact on your audience regardless of size or topic. Having a strong and positive presence can open up doors, get people to listen, pay attention, buy, commit, and support you. Come to this workshop and boost your confidence, increase your chances of success, and prepare yourself for new opportunities.


Career Concepts' Personal Impact & Presentation Skills workshop concentrates on the techniques you need to give/make a great impression, give a powerful presentation, and improve your communication.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Increase your confidence in any situation
  • Engage your audience and get their attention
  • Present your ideas with confidence and clarity
  • Be a great storyteller
  • Structure presentations and other forms of communication
  • Develop your own signature style and brand
  • Reduce your anxiety when delivering a presentation or other forms of communication

Personal Impact & Presentation Skills

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