Training Course Description:


Presenting is all about having a real impact on your audience regardless of size or topic. We, as presenters, want to give an interesting, effective, and memorable presentation. Some people seem to be born with a natural speaking talent, others struggle. So, what goes into a presentation and how do we make our presentations engaging, effortless, and powerful?


How we deliver presentations have changed in recent years with the range of technology at our fingertips. You could be delivering your presentation via the internet, on a stage, in a board room, or one-on-one in an office. Come explore how to develop an amazing presentation from the beginning – one that sets you up for success and that you are excited to deliver regardless of what speaking vehicle your use.


Career Concepts' Presentation Skills workshop concentrates on providing you with all the techniques you need to master and ensure you give a great presentation every time. From understanding the psychology of your audience to creating that “WOW” factor: delivering your presentation with confidence and leaving a long-lasting positive effect on your audience, Career Concepts shows you in one fun-filled fantastic day. Whether you are inexperienced and new to the world of presenting or an experienced presentation guru, you will explore the latest methodologies used in delivering presentations in today’s world.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand What Makes A Great Presentation
  • Engage Your Audience And Get Their Attention
  • Be A Great Story Teller: From Preparation To Delivery, Relevance To Implementation
  • Leave A Positive And Memorable Experience For Your Audience
  • Control Your Environment For The Greatest Impact
  • Make Your Presentation Go Viral – Your Audience Will Understand And Repeat Your Message
  • How To Structure Your Presentation – From Start To Finish
  • What Tools Are Available To Presenters And How To Use Them
  • Reduce Your Anxiety When Delivering A Presentation
  • Avoid Common Mistakes Presenters Make

Presentation Skills

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    • Event Managers
    • Fundraisers
    • Meeting Planners
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Managers
    • Trade Show Directors
    • Anyone Who Plan Events
    • Anyone Who Wants To Become A Confident, Credible Presenter
  • “[The seminar] helped me to recognize how to present to all [people]. Sherry was very knowledgeable and her stories made the day interactive and memorable. She has great experience and I was hanging on to each word.” - Laurie M., Kingston


    “I learnt about different personalities and how to deal with individuals who may not respond in a positive manner during discussion. Gives me confidence in presenting or approaching subjects with confidence. [The day] was very interactive and the material was easy to understand.” - Fatima M., Kingston


    “This seminar exceeded my expectations, I didn’t believe I would participate as much as I did. It helped [me] gain confidence. Sherry did an excellent job drawing everyone in and made the information relatable to all.” - Tammy B., Kingston


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