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Career Concepts' Project Management workshop is built around solid project management principles while using agile planning methods to match today’s extremely dynamic and demanding environment. Today’s changing markets, technology, and resources during the life span of a typical project requires systematic thought on best practices and established management techniques.


This workshop focuses on the day-to-day running of a project. You will learn how to manage time, resources, cost, risk, and quality using a variety of practical hands-on exercises.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Enact A Practical And Easy To Follow Guide For Small And Large Scale Projects
  • Use Current Time Tested Tricks Of The Trade
  • Manage Resources Of Your Project
  • Monitor The Progress Of Your Project Against Targets
  • Use Work Break Down Structures To Plan A Project Efficiently
  • Handle Team Members And Motivate Your Team (Internally And Externally)
  • Manage Efficient Meetings To Increase Efficiency
  • Build And Maintain Rapport
  • Manage Change To Project Requirements
  • Understand The Seven Important Areas Of Project Management And Effectively Manage Each One
  • Increase your success as a project manager with these five skills
  • Understand the different types of project managers and which one you are
  • Get the right people on your team from the start
  • Avoid costly change during your project by including these people on your team from the start
  • Understand what a project life cycle is
  • Learn what to do during each phase of the life cycle to ensure success
  • Identify two steps in the project life cycle that are often missed and cause your project to fail
  • Learn how to properly define the scope of your project
  • Ensure that you have all the tools and resources needed to complete your project on time and on budget
  • Learn a simple formula to estimate the time it will take to complete a task
  • Get the team to agree on the length of time tasks will take to complete
  • Learn the tools successful Project Managers use
  • Learn how to effectively assess risk within your projects
  • Learn what goes into forecasting and budgeting for your projects
  • See what tools can help you budget and track project costs
  • Explore the different types of project reports and learn when to use them
  • Discover the three main reasons why conflict happens during a project and how to prevent them
  • Delegation is a part of a project manager’s responsibility. Learn how to delegate effectively with influence and clarity
  • Learn how to problem solve as a project team
  • Learn how to set up a Project Notebook
  • Learn what questions you should ask yourself before you invest in a project management software program
  • Discover what steps need to be completed at the end of every project
  • Learn what goes into a final project report

Project Management

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    • Individuals who are good at what they do and are handling more and more projects, they may not know a lot about project management but they could become very efficient in their respective fields.
    • Project Managers who have had little to no formal training
    • Project Managers looking for a refresher and what is new and exciting in the field of Project Management
    • Project Team Leads who are moving into a supervisor role and wish to gain knowledge to better the team and themselves
    • Support Staff and all who help or are a part of the project team
    • Administrative Professionals


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