Training Course Description:


Conflicts are a reality of every organization. Conflicts cannot be ignored, whether it is a small disagreement or a full-out emotional explosion, conflicts are a source of demotivation, unproductivity, and frustration when disregarded or discounted.


Career Concepts' Resolving Team Conflict workshop focuses on tools, tips, and techniques to strengthen your ability in navigating emotions, difficult conversations, personality conflicts, and resolving conflict within your team and those you work with. The workshop focuses on group conflicts anyone wishing to learn how to relieve tension, resolve crises, and settle conflicts will benefit from this program.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Attack Problems While Respecting People
  • Treat Conflict as a Natural Resource
  • Raise an Issue in a Constructive Manner
  • Explore Opposing Positions to Discover Shared Interests
  • Deal with Differing Perceptions
  • Create Open Communication
  • Evaluate and Analyze Your Teams Conflict
  • Generate Options and Build Collaboration
  • Manage Your Emotions and Those Around You


You Will Learn:

  • How We Deal With Conflict And Move From Fight To Unite
  • Choose the Right Problem Solving Style
  • The Four Steps To Cooperative Problem Solving
  • How To Manage Emotions, Respect Perceptions And Listen
  • How To Properly Raise An Issue And Set Problem-Solving In Motion The Right Way
  • The Difference Between Hearing And Listening
  • Handle Defensiveness – Yours And Others
  • How To Turn Debates Into Dialogue
  • How To Focus On Common Interests To Resolve Conflict
  • How To Work With Perception Instead Of Fighting Against It
  • How To Respect The Emotions We Feel Without Letting Them Interfere
  • How To Effectively Generate Options In Groups
  • When It Is A Good Idea To Write Down An Agreement And When It Might Not Be A Good Idea
  • How To Become A Peacemaker, It¡¦s All In The Attitude
  • How To Use BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement) When Resolving The Conflict Seems Impossible

Resolving Team Conflict

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    • Executive Directors
    • Team Members
    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Team Leads
    • Team Support Personnel
    • Administrative Support
    • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Handle Conflict


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