Training Course Description:

Social media has changed the way we do business. Organizations are forever adapting their work practices to keep up with changing technology and techniques used to attract employees, clients, funders, and suppliers while protecting the business reputation.


Career Concepts' Social Media Workshop explores the power of social media. Whether you are new to social media or tasked with keeping your organizations presence on the internet, this workshop is for you. Spend the day exploring tips, techniques, and strategies to differentiate your organization from the competition, create a buzz about your products and services, and find potential clientele and staff while increasing awareness and engagement with minimal cost and resources.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Set Up Your Own Social Network – From Initial Marketing Plan To Campaign Launch
  • Find The Right Social Media Voice – Tips, Tricks And Innovative Ideas For Creating Compelling Content, Posts, Updates, And Status Reports
  • Measuring Social Media Success: Tools, Formulas, Metrics, Tracking And Analyzing Your Campaigns Across Various Platforms
  • Learn How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media: Enhance Productivity, Innovation, Collaboration, Reputation And Employee Engagement
  • Protect Your Company’s Reputation From Negative Employees And Disgruntled Customers
  • Discover How To Create A Platform To Share Best Practices, Real-Time Discussions And Networking Regardless Of Where Their Physical Location Is
  • Learn how to use social networks to make business connections and recruiting prospective employees.

Social Media Workshop

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    • Sales Professionals
    • Marketing and Advertising Team Members
    • Corporate Communicators
    • Business Owners and Strategists
    • HR Professionals
    • Individuals interested in Social Media Strategies
  • "The seminar assisted with creating and giving wonderful infrastructure to our plan. Wonderful job, engaging and enjoyable. Edu-taining!!!" - David V.

    "Valuable insight into social media techniques, tools, and opportunities to promote awareness. I will be able to use social media to promote, engage, and interest the general public." - Laura T.

    “This seminar provided more practical user tips for many social media platforms than I expected. It was beyond my objectives, which were surpassed. Thank you!” - Pia S., Hamilton

    “Addressed the points and questions I came in with today. Very comfortable to continue moving forward.” - Rosanna M., Hamilton


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