We experience a lot of demands in the organizations we work for and the community we live in. Today’s world is built to go faster and change is inevitable. Managing stress is a critical skillset that you must master if you want to thrive in the future. With the right level of stress, you will increase your productivity and operate at peak performance.


Career Concepts' Stress Management workshop explores the many aspects of stress management including time management, people skills, mentality, assertiveness, and more. This workshop has been built to expose you to different areas of stress and the many methods available to manage your emotional well being.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Understand where you are on the stress meter and how it impacts your life
  • Identify and monitor your stress level when it is affecting your performance
  • Say No and gain respect and support for it
  • Respond to stressful circumstances using proven techniques with confidence
  • Anticipate and resolve stressors in your life in a short amount of time
  • Use specific methods to lower yours and other people stress levels
  • Be happy, healthy, and productive while you master the art of stress management


What is Stress?

  • How does stress impact an individual and organization?
  • Is all stress bad? Can we get rid of all stress in our life?
  • Explore the urban legends of stress
  • Discover how to take advantage of stress to increase your performance
  • Learn how to interact with people, manage your stress to get maximum results
  • Learn how to manage the impact of stress on your life as it is today


Monitor Stress

  • How to properly monitor your stress and detect the early warning signs
  • Discover your personal signals that tell you how stressed you are
  • Explore why monitoring these signals is the first critical step in addressing stress
  • Understand how to read body language signals
  • Learn how to observe your emotions when getting stressed and respond to them accordingly
  • Learn how to avoid extreme distress


How To Destress

  • Learn to be assertive when communicating with others
  • How to reduce stress and increase performance through proper organization and use of time management
  • How to use proper delegation to maximize your output
  • What are the critical body language signals in assertive communication
  • How to Manage Physiological Stress
  • How correct breathing can help you to become more productive
  • How to use diet to manage stress
  • What physical exercises work best to relieve stress


How to Reduce Stress

  • How to use a set of eleven techniques to reduce stress
  • Discover your personal stress score and what adjustments you need to make
  • Identify your stress triggers
  • Learn how to properly close out stressful situations


How to Say No

  • How being able to easily say no can relieve your stress
  • How to use the proper communication techniques to win over anyone while standing your ground


How to be Positive

  • How to use the power of positive thinking to master the art of stress management
  • How to use imagination to address stress

Stress Management

Currently Not Scheduled: Contact Us To Schedule This Session
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads
    • Individuals who constantly multi-task
    • Professionals in supporting roles i.e. executive assistants, coordinators etc.
    • Employees who have or are going through workplace change or personal change
    • People who feel at their wits end or feel frazzled most of the time
    • Health care providers
    • Anyone who is in a demanding job
    • Every person who is wants to learn how to identify and manage their stressors and emotions


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