Training Course Description:


Effective Supervisors, Managers, and Team Leads have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviours that set them apart from others. Successful leaders inspire and motivate people. They can communicate goals and tasks to those around them. And they know how to manage people.


Career Concepts' Supervisory Skills For Managers and Supervisors workshop, you will update your current skill set, learn the latest strategies and leading-edge techniques in becoming the best leader you can be in today’s demanding world. You will learn how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, and inspire people. You will build on your current skills to become more effective, more successful, and develop the edge you need to stand out and create change. You will leave feeling motivated, energized, and prepared to take care of any situation that comes your way.


By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Increase Your Confidence In Supervising And Decision Making
  • Handle Performance Issues Quickly And Professionally
  • Understand Your Natural Leadership Style And How To Use It
  • Improve Relationships With Your Employees And Support Managers
  • Enhance Communication And Teamwork
  • Delegate With Purpose And Get The Results You Are Looking For Every Time
  • Supervise People Who Were Peers, Different Generation And Experience Levels With Confidence
  • Manage All The Different Hats You Must Wear With Efficiency With 4 Simple Techniques
  • Close The Generation Gap – Lead And Build Cohesive Teams Regardless Of Age
  • Give Criticism, Feedback And Praise Successfully
  • Discipline And Termination Traps – Every Supervisor Must Know These 10 No-No’s

Supervisory Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Live Online Workshop
Available for Onsite Training : Contact Us For Details
    • First Time Managers and Supervisors who want to learn how to be the best at their job
    • Seasoned Managers and Supervisors who want to update and sharpen their skills
    • Add Leadership Skills to Your Ability , enhance your resume or show your superiors you are serious your role
    • Anyone looking for ways to inspire, guide and lead people.
    • People who are looking for a fresh perspective on motivating their employees
    • Team Leads, Project Managers and Office Professionals Who Need to Work With Others
  • "Alot of useful suggestions were discussed that are very beneficial with my management skills. Our company has very diverse employees and different dynamics. It's great to have knowledge on how to deal with certain situations. Thanks for the great seminar. It's been very informative and the leader definitely made it very interesting; the day went by fast." - Aleli L.

    "Provided ideas and methods for dealing with different personalities; very engaging. I have a better idea on how to communicate with our employees." - Jessica S.


    “I am very pleased, I could feel comfortable sharing and asking questions.[The seminar] touched on all aspects of what I feel I was looking to get out of the day.” - Christine A., Sudbury


    “I loved the specific examples and applications. In every conversation I have, I can use what we discussed. Really liked the breakouts, tools and content. Very interesting.” - Erin B., Toronto


    “Addressed a lot of practical and helpful topics relevant to leaders. Helps to be better equipped leaders. Very good speaker; knowledgeable and engaging. Good coverage of the material.” - Sushama C., Toronto


    “I learned a lot about what it takes to be an effective leader. It was very insightful, rewarding and beneficial.” - Jeff P., Toronto


    “The seminar taught me a lot about how to grow with a team and as a leader myself. I will be applying this information in my everyday practices. Very informative and covered a lot.” - Max C., Toronto


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