Training Course Description:


Whether the team is face-to-face or work virtually together, Career Concepts' Teamwork & Team Building workshop focuses on transforming a group of people into a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal.

For team leaders, this workshop will focus on your leadership style and enable you to enhance your coaching, cooperation, problem-solving, trust, and emotional skills within yourself and your team.


For existing teams, this workshop is ideal for members who have worked with each other in the past and now want to streamline their communication and eliminate bad habits that might have developed.


For newly assembled teams, this workshop is ideal for members who want to explore different ways of recognizing and establishing their roles within the team and to work as a team.

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To:


  • Communicate with each other to get the best results
  • Support each other while building trust and reliability throughout the team
  • Identify how teams progress naturally and how you can make a positive impact on your team's progression
  • Understand team members motives/impact and use this knowledge to propel your team to success
  • Strengthen team leaders by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their natural leadership style
  • Evaluate a team’s balance based on team roles and enhance the team’s intercommunication skills
  • Deliver constructive feedback and praise to your teams
  • Coach systematically to help others achieve more and become their trusted team member


This Highly Engaging And Practical Course Is Designed To:


  • Learn how to communicate with each other to get better results
  • How to think beyond the little details and think of the main objective
  • How to support each other using emotional skills and coaching skills
  • How to provide feedback and increase trust and reliability throughout the team
  • Explore team problem-solving techniques
  • Learn what 3 elements should be addressed to avoid ending up with a dysfunctional team
  • How teams progress over time and how to work through the team stages
  • What ideal leadership styles to use with your team
  • Explore team roles – the positive and negative qualities of each of these roles
  • Easy ways to identify who should do what in your teams – for a stress-free team
  • Develop an effective team’s communication channel
  • How to identify isolated, overloaded, under-loaded, critical, and other types of team members
  • Identify and use the typical team life cycle to help motivate your team
  • How to use team emotional intelligence to communicate, problem solve and support each other
  • How to systematically manage teams based on their maturity and diversity
  • How to increase a team’s efficiency using peer-to-peer and management coaching
  • Discover techniques to increase bonding, trust, and professionalism in teams
  • Increase cooperation within the teams with these simple but effective techniques

Teamwork and Team Building

Workshop: Live Online Event
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  • “The seminar showed me how to work more effectively in teams and communicate better. I enjoyed the content and the tools were very useful.” - Robyn, Windsor

    “It provided me with some incredibly useful information and techniques to identify and implement strategies in building an effective team. I was fully engaged all day.” - Will R., Toronto


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