Explore ways to control your chaotic and constantly changing world, even under pressure, and earn buy-in from those around you.


Time management is an essential skill that helps you keep your work under control, at the same time that it helps you keep stress to a minimum.


We would all love to have an extra couple of hours in every day. Knowing that is impossible, we need to work smarter on things that have the highest priority, and then create a schedule that reflects our work and personal priorities.

With this in place, we can work in a focused and effective way, and really start achieving those goals, dreams, and ambitions we care so much about.


During This Informative Workshop You Will Experience The Following:

  • Explore New Time Management Strategies And Tools
  • Develop Skills To Communicate Your Goals And Objectives Clearly And Consistently Under Time Constraints
  • Learn How to Work Efficiently With Multi Generations and Personalities
  • Understand Your Employees, Managers, Customers, and Vendors’ Unique Perspective, Stereotypes, and Expectations
  • Create a system to define, prioritize, schedules, and manage goals, tasks, and projects:
  • Stay The Course When Life Gets In The Way
  • Get Help - Know Your Resources
  • Prioritize and Stop Managing By Crisis
  • Communicate Effectively and Assertively in the Most Challenging of Times
  • Learn How To Use Assertive Behavior And Verbal Communications To Clearly Express Your Desire And Get What You Want While Maintaining A Relationship.


Do you feel like: There are never enough hours in the day?

Are you stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed because when you clear off one task more are piled on?

Would you like to learn the trade secrets of a successful leader?



Time Management for the Busy Professional

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    • Anyone who has a lot on their plate and needing to find some ways to take back time and control
    • Individuals who are bombarded with too many emails, interruptions and request for their time
    • Professionals who are in a constant state of “Manage by Crisis” – running to whichever is screaming the loudest all the time
    • People who have a good handle on their day but are looking for the latest proven time management techniques


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